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girvin02.jpg (61624 bytes)Captain Charles R. Girvin III served as the sixteenth Commanding Officer of BERKELEY from July 1987 to September 1989. He first enlisted in the Navy in 1963 and trained in the nuclear power field followed by an instructor tour at the National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho Falls, Idaho. In 1967 he entered Purdue University and graduated in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Captain Girvin's initial assignment after commissioning was the USS HENRY B.WILSON (DDG-7) where he served as Fire Control Officer. In October 1974 he reported to HMS Glamorgan (D-19), a Royal Navy Guided Missile Destroyer homeported in Portsmouth, England, where he served as Weapons Officer in the Personnel Exchange Program.

After his return from the United Kingdom, Captain Girvin was assigned to the USS BUCHANAN (DDG-14) as the Engineering Officer. He next served as Material Officer on the staff of COMDESRON TWENTY-ONE and Cruiser/Destroyer Type Desk Officer on the staff of COMNAVSERVPAC.

In August 1983, Captain Girvin returned to the USS BUCHANAN (DDG-14) as Executive Officer. Following this tour he was assigned to the Board of Inspection and Survey, Pacific as Combat Systems Inspector. His next assignment was C.O. of USS BERKELEY (DDG-15) from July 1987 to September 1989.

Moving ashore he reported duty as Deputy Senior Member for Steam Propulsion on the CINCPACFLT Propulsion Examining Board. In December 1990 he was assigned to temporary duty as Deputy Director for Operations on the staff of Commander, Middle East Force during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

In November 1991, Captain Girvin was assigned to Afloat Training Group Pacific as the Chief Staff Officer, where he served until March 1993 when he assumed command of the USS SAMUEL GOMPERS (AD-37).   In August 1994, he returned to the CINCPACFLT Propulsion Examining Board as senior member.  Captain Girvin retired in September 1995.  Following retirement from the Navy he became a middle school teacher for three years and is currently a middle school principal in El Cajon, California.