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There is an ongoing effort to save the ex-USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) as a museum ship. This is a monumental effort by a very dedicated group of former DDG sailors. The ADAMS is the last of its class still in the Navy's inventory.  Donations are necessary to keep this project afloat. All former DDG sailors are encouraged to visit the ACVA Web site and view each link on the Navigation Site. You will be impressed with their accomplishments to date and the huge task ahead. Read the Adams Class DDG Veterans letter on this page. You can become an ACVA Member and ACVA Plankowner by submitting the ACVA Member Application and making a $25 donation. Your donation by check can be sent via regular mail. Click on the link below, then JOIN THE ACVA  to complete the application. Your donation will be well spent to help fund this saving effort.  Visit the ACVA  link for detailed information and progress reports.


Latest update January 17, 2017

Through this link you can access all the Adams Class DDG Web sites. A visit is recommended

A 501(c) (3) Non Profit Organization


DDG-2 USS Charles F. Adams

DDG-10 USS Sampson DDG-18 USS Semmes
DDG-3 USS John King DDG-11 USS Sellers DDG-19 USS Tattnall
DDG-4 USS Lawrence DDG-12 USS Robison DDG-20 USS Goldsborough
DDG-5 USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-13 USS Hoel DDG-21 USS Cochrane
DDG-6 USS Barney DDG-14 USS Buchanan DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert
DDG-7 USS Henry B. Wilson DDG-15 USS Berkeley DDG-23 USS Richard E. Byrd
DDG-8 USS Lynde McCormick DDG-16 USS Joseph Strauss DDG-24 USS Waddell
DDG-9 USS Towers DDG-17 USS Conyngham


Royal Austrailian Navy

German Navy

HMAS Perth DDG-38 Zerstörer Lütjens D185
HMAS Hobart DDG-39 Zerstörer Mölders D186
HMAS Brisbane DDG-41 Zerstörer Rommel D187