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This page is for current and inactive Association members to update information we have on file.
If you are not a member on file, please fill out the entire form. We would very much like to bring you on board.


 1. Name    * Req'd Field

2. Are your 2015 dues current with the Assn? Yes No
3. I am updating my profile on file Yes No If Yes, fill in the applicable items
4. Are you listed on the Roster Page of this site? Yes No If No, fill out the remainder of the form
5. Are you a former crewmember? Yes No
    If yes, fill out the remainder of the form
6. Send me a membership application Yes No Or, download form.
    See instructions below

7. Years served on the ship, i.e. 65-67           

8. Highest Rate/Rank while on the ship.         

9. Enlisted Division / Officer Billet                   

10. Highest Rate/Rank attained in the Navy  

11. Street Address                                           

12. City/State/Zip Code                                   

13. Area Code & Telephone Number            

14. E-mail Address                                          

15. Spouse Name                                            

16. Remarks or Comments (Optional)

14: Application Download Instructions: Important: Submit this form before downloading. After submitting you will receive a confirmation copy of the data entered above. On the confirmation page click on return to form. You will come back to this page. Upon returning click on this link to obtain the form.  Application.pdf