New Ship's Store

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The Ship's Store has been incorporated into the new Web site still under construction. 
Once the new site is completed the address will be .com vs .us

You may now purchase items and pay for them directly via PayPal or with your credit card.

This is the link to the new store  but wait until you read the following.

It is suggested that you right click and print this page to guide you through the process.


  1. Add items to the cart

  2. When finished with selections click on VIEW CART.

    Selected items are displayed. To remove an item click on the RED X

  3. Scroll down and select CALCULATE SHIPPING

  4.Select STATE to be shipped

  5 Select your ZIP CODE

  6. CALCULATE shipping again and update

  7. PROCEED to checkout

  8  ACCEPT TERMS check box

  9. Fill out billing/shipping details on the left side

10. If shipping to a different address, check that box

11. Proceed to PayPal. Note; You do not have to use PayPal and that will give you the option of using a credit card.

12 Complete the order