Reunion Info



The mission of the Association is to continue the camaraderie established by the crew during
the thirty years of service the ship was in commission. This is accomplished through periodic
reunions, newsletters and crewmember rosters. Membership support of the Association is
through annual dues of $40.00 and is open to all former crewmembers.

Reunion History

First Reunion - 1985, San Diego, California
Second Reunion - 1992, San Diego, California
Third Reunion - 1995, Arlington, Virginia
Fourth Reunion - 1998, New Orleans, Louisiana
Fifth Reunion - 2000, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sixth Reunion - 2002, Charleston, South Carolina
Seventh Reunion - 2004, Branson, Missouri
Eighth Reunion - 2006, Seattle, Washington
Ninth Reunion - 2008, Boston, Massachusetts
Tenth Reunion - 2010, Denver Colorado
Eleventh Reunion - 2012, San Diego, California
Twelfth Reunion - 2014, Jacksonville, Florida
Thirteenth Reunion - 2016, Chicago, Illinois
Fourteenth Reunion - 2018, Long Beach, CA
Fifteenth Reunion - 2021, Portland, Maine

Sixteenth Reunion - 2023, Corpus Christi, TX

Al Meier - USS Berkeley Association


Save the Date September 14 - 17 2023.  The Association will be holding it's sixteenth reunion at the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi Texas. as we finalize plans we will update this page.