RADM William R. Smedberg

A man in uniform with his arms crossed.

Born in 1929, Rear Admiral William R. Smedberg graduated from the Naval Academy with the Class of 1951.
Between sea duty tours, he served five separate tours on the Chief of Naval Operations’ staff in the Pentagon. As a Captain, he also served as Operations Officer on the SIXTH FLEET in the Mediterranean and as the Assistant Executive and Senior Aide to SACEUR/USCINCEUR in Europe.
After the Battle Group command, RADM Smedberg returned to Washington for his final three years on active duty as first the deputy and later the Director of the Naval Warfare Directorate on the CNO’s staff. During this tour he was responsible for assessing what advanced technologies were applicable for and would be required by naval warfare forces for the future.
After retirement from active duty in October 1982, RADM Smedberg formed his own consulting company specializing in the operational assessment of advanced technology for future navy ships and aircraft. He was a consultant to Bell Helicopter Textron from 1983-95 primarily to assess the operational impact of tilt-rotor aircraft, e.g. the V-22, for all the military services. He was also a consultant for twelve years to the premier company in industry assessing for the Navy the technological feasibility and operational utility of stealth ships.
RADM Smedberg dissolved his Company in 1995 and moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with his wife, Ann. RADM Smedberg passed away on 8 July 2008